How do I brew my coffee using a Chemex?


Chemex (Pourover) Recipe

Best for sharing with friends and family

Dose 30g for 500g of water (hint: 15g per 250g of water)
Grind Size Medium
Water Temperature 92-94℃
Brew time 4-5 mins


  1. Open up the filter paper and place the tripled layer side on the spout side of the the Chemex
  2. Pour hot water into the filter to rinse the filter paper thoroughly and to warm up the Chemex
  3. Pour away excess water in the Chemex
  4. Ground or measure up 30g of coffee and pour into the centre of the rinsed filter. Give it a gentle shake to level out the dose
  5. Pour about 60g of off-boiled water (92-94℃) into the coffee to create a "bloom" to saturate the ground. Let the bloom settle
  6. Gently pour the rest of the water in concentric circles over the coffee. Avoid pouring into the sides of the paper filter so as not to create a "channel"
  7. Your coffee should be fully extracted in 4-5 minutes

Some tips for adjusting your recipe

Many people enjoy experimenting with the flavour of their coffee by adjusting various elements of the recipe. It's important to only change one element at a time so that you know what specific fine tuning you've done to get to the right balance for you. 

  1. If the brewed coffee tastes "watery" or lack depth of flavour, then try increase the brew time
  2. If the brewed coffee tastes too sour and lack sweetness, then try to reduce the grind size of your coffee to extract more flavour, or if you don't have a grinder, increase the dose in small amounts until you get the right balance
  3. If the brewed coffee tastes too bitter, then either increase your coffee grind size or reduce the brew time, or if you don't have a grinder, decrease the dose in small amounts until you get the right balance

Have fun and enjoy the brewing experience!